Leading a soulful life

What stories and archetypes are guiding our lives? How do we become more aligned with our deepest desires? What is the muse or daemon inviting us to be and become?

Join me on a dialogical adventure in service of the answers to the perennial questions: "Who am I?"; "How should I act?"; and "What is the meaning of my life?".

Andrew Sweeny

Andrew Sweeny is a writer, editor, Youtuber, podcaster, published poet, musician, and teacher. In the past, he has worked as a touring musician, put out several albums, published a poetry book, and animated two popular podcasts and a philosophical blog.

For spiritual development, Andrew has spent twenty-five years practising different forms of Buddhist meditation, including Zen and Vajrayana. He is a long-time practitioner of Yoga and Tai Chi, has participated in and animated men’s circles, and has lived in various intentional communities. Furthermore, before developing his syncretic approach, he practised family constellations, Gestalt therapy, breathwork, and other therapeutic modes.

Today, as well as being a coach, teacher, and mentor, Andrew is an editor at Parallax magazine and a teacher at Sciences Po University in Paris, France. He lives outside Paris in Avon, France, with his wife Amelia, a therapist and coach, two beautiful kids, and a pug named Walt Whitman.

Amelia Dor

Amelia Dor is a graduate of the ‘Ecole de Psycholtherapie Integrative’ in France, where she studied various therapeutic methods, including transactional analysis, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, dream analysis, and Gestalt therapy; Her mentor was Christian Maitrejean. She has also studied and explored Family constellations with founder Bert Hellinger and Margaret Bernard and has done Practitioner and Masters's level NLP training. Furthermore, she has trained with Anthony Robbins&Mandandes in their online therapy module and has done breathwork and Peak States training with Ewa Foley and Nemi Nath. She is married to Andrew and is the mother of two kids.

With her large pallet of styles and experiences, she helps people have fulfilling and inspiring relationships and lives, offering personalised and systematic coaching and therapy for individuals and couples.

Who am I?

In meaning coaching the goal is to be in service of your ‘calling’ whatever it might be. We help you learn to listen to—not the superego of society or the small voice of fear and doubt—but what the soulful and mischievous daimon saying. It takes character, bravery, and wisdom to free ourselves from ‘good opinion’ to take the risk of being and becoming.

The Ancient Greek aphorism "know thyself" was the first maxim inscribed in the entrance of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi—this is the spirit of meaning coaching we seek to embody!

Book a free meeting on zoom to discuss a coaching plan. Get excited about getting to know yourself better!

One hour zoom sessions weekly. 8 week module recommended to start. In person sessions on request.

The flat rate is 80€/hour, but you can ‘gift’ more or less depending on your situation and inclination. For a better rate you can book 8 sessions for 500€.

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